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Tournaments Every Tuesday

We hold a Tuesday Tournament in every venue every Tuesday. Tournaments can be played from Midday to 8pm & it is free to enter.
This is a great way to experience new games & their features. Every Tuesday when you enter you have a chance of winning £25 cash. Check the leader board to see the score to beat.

jurassic jackpots tues thurs

Tournaments Every Tuesdays and Thursdays

In 92 venues we hold a “Beat Our Score” tournament. Played between Midday & 8pm it is free to enter.
Each week the score to beat will change & the prize of free plays will vary. The tournament is played on a specific game which will be a new game or an old favourite. Look out for details in our venues.


Beat Our Score

If you visit one of venues on Thursdays where we don’t have “Beat Our Score” you can now still play a tournament to win £20 cash.

We now play Tournaments every Thursdays in every venue

Ask our colleagues for details - T&C’s apply.
Beat Our Score can only be played in venues where we have Clarity machines

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