In the United Kingdom we have the best and latest slot machines and can be found under three brands - Quicksilver, Silvers and Winners. Quicksilver operates in approximately 150 locations on the UK's high streets and a small number of venues operating in motorway service areas (MSAs) along the UK motorway network.

Customers are currently provided with over 7,500 electronic gaming machines, and while a large part of the Quicksilver gaming machine range reflects the latest and best machines, there is a continued strategy to replace “classic type gaming machines” with server based gaming machines to give customers the gaming experience they demand. Quicksilver recognises that in order for its customers to have an enjoyable experience, venue teams need to understand their customers in their local surroundings. We have up to 1,000 team members in the UK whose goal it is to provide our customer with this “Best Gaming Machine Entertainment” which sets us apart from the competition. The majority of team members are venue based, however central support is provided through an in-house service team, field support and support centre based in Milton Keynes in the heart of the UK's mainland.

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